Rodents Control

Astonishing Fecundity of Rats
The average reproductive power of an adult rat is 4 to 8 time per annum, and 6-8 pups each time. That is, nearly 60 offsprings a year from a pair of rats. The pups of about 2-3 months will become mature enough to reproduce the next generation, so a pair adult rats can reproduce up to 880 rats per year and can even reach 774,400 rats within two years.

Rodents Commonly Found in Hong Kong

Rodents are omnivorous, with strong adaptability to the environment, reproductive power are astonishing. Types of rodents that common found in Hong Kong are Norway Rats, Ship Rats and House Mice.
Norway Rat
Ship/Black Rat

Habits and Scourge

Rodents' eyes are very sensitive to light, but are almost color-blind. They are good at climbing and swimming. Rats usually active in the dark, however, when they are hungry for food or in huge number, they may also be found in daytime. Rats mainly come and go in the drainage ditch, garbage rooms and other dirty places; ship rats more active at the ceiling areas, attic; and whereas mice like to hide in cabinets and drawers of kitchen and storage rooms, etc.

Two pairs of front teeth of rodents are growing about 13 cm per year, so the rodents have to keep biting hard objects to shorten the teeth, otherwise the front teeth will become too long and grow backward, which may cause trouble for eating and even die. We can see a lot of objects such as doors, plastics stuff, electric wires, etc. have been bitten. Some fire outbreaks were found due to the short circuit by rats' bitting on electric wires.

Other than stolen of food and bitting of items, the greatest evil of rats and mice are the spread of disease.

Plague, hantavirus disease and murine typhus, are transmitted directly or indirectly, by rats. Ones are likely infected when they take the rodent contaminated food or water.

Control Treatments (1)

In order to keep rats or mice away, we need to pay attention to the home hygiene, eliminate rodents' food sources. If ones' homes are clean, the rodents are difficult to find food, and will not stay.

Food should be stored in the refrigerator or covered containers. The food residual are recommended to be packed in plastic bags and discarded in a covered trash. The kitchen should be washed thoroughly, to avoid the accumulation of debris. Storage rooms and all other places should be kept cleaned and tidy all the time.

As rats and mice can pass through cracks bigger than 1 cm, therefore all cracks more than 1 cm need to be sealed. Metal door some time is better than wooden one. Crevasse and the drainage holes should be placed with mess metal wire.

Strong glueboards sometimes will be placed to where rodents' activities are found. When the rat enter the traps which will firmly affix to it. This method is effective when one who have the proper technique and knowledge. For household with cats and dogs or children, glueboards are not suitable to be used.
Seal Up Holes with Cement
Seal up Door-cracks
Sticky Trap

Control Treatments (2)

We can use an ultrasonic device to produce ultra-sound to freighten rodents away. However, rodents can adapt to the frequency very soon, and which makes the treatment failure.

Setting up of baiting points in the place with rodent infestation are very effective to control the rodents. The rodenticides that commonly be used in Hong Kong are anticoagulant baits. Once the rodents took the poison bait, it will cause them internal bleeding and then dying. Since those baits are also poisonous to human being and pets, they must be handled by trained pest control personnels. Sometimes the baits will be put into bait boxes for safety purpose, to keep the poison away from children and pets.
Ultra Sound Device
Bait Box