Crawling Insects Control

Normal found crawling pest are: cockroach, ant, booklice, spider, centipede, millipede, silver fish, case-moth, and the recently most famous pest, bed bug.

Different pest has different habitat, and CEH surveyors and technicians will find out what kind of pest, and design suitable treatments for our valuable clients. The same pesticide may exterminate many kinds of pest, however different target pest may required different treatment methods, and professional technicians will consider the safety and environmental issues before decide where and how to apply the pesticide.

(A) Cockroach Control

For domestics, customer may choose a) spraying residual insecticide around the house, the insecticide will leave long lasting tiny residual to kill existing and prevent future cockroach infestation; or b) application of cockroach bait, which will attract cockroaches to feed on it. Successful bait treatment depends on the attractiveness of the bait, and so as the locations of application.

For restaurants, both of the above treatment are applicable for maintenance services. However, if the cockroaches infestations are very serious, a series of Knock-down treatments may required in the initial weeks or month.

For outdoor areas, cockroach treatment at sewage system is very important. Due to the weather issue, quantity of insecticide being used will be more at outdoor areas, and technicians will aware of not hurting non targeted animals.
Domestic Cockroach Control
Cockroach Gel Application
Kitchen Cockroach Knockdown Treatment
Sewage Cockroach Knockdown Treatment

(B) Ant Control

Ants in urban area most are small in size, however, the number of ants in a colony is huge. Spraying of residual insecticide and gel bait application are also the best treatment methods. Please be noted that as the population of each colony is huge, 1 - 2 treatments may not be good enough to eradicate the entire colony, which requires long-term and periodic treatments before keeping the infestations under control.

Since "Imported Fire Ants" will attack people, when treating this species, thorough inspection with correct location of nests, plus large volume of residual insecticide spraying is a must, and hopefully can knock the nests down in one shot.
Garden Ant Control
Fire Ant Inspection
Preparation of Fire Ant Insecticide
Pouring Method to Exterminate Fire Ant Nest

(C) Booklice

Booklice is not only confined to old books. In rainy seasons, we can find booklice elsewhere on the walls of bathroom and sometimes the other rooms too. Effective control of booklices requuires not only scheduled professional treaments, but also the cooperation of the clients, like dehumifying and regular cleaning of walls with 1:99 chlorinated solution. As the chlorinated solution can remove the food source, the mold on the wall, of the booklice, then the number of booklice will decrease very soon.

(D) Bedbug

Bed Bug, a very hot pest in recent years. It feed on human's blood and cause itchy and allergy illness. It is not easy to exterminate. When we open up Yahoo and Google on internet, we will find a lot of creative ideas of how to exterminate bedbugs, however, due to different issues, we find most of those suggestions are not work.

Recently, we have co-worked with our chemical supplier in England to develop a fast-act and longer lasting professional used pyrefroid insecticide, which can give a good control and extermination effect after consecutive treatments. (Of course, we need customer cooperation of cleaning all infested bed sheets and clothes, etc., in order to achieve a successful extermination.)