Termites Control

Every year from Mar to Oct is the active season of termite. Most people will recognize thousands of flying "ants" swarming in the sky before heavy rain. Those swarmers will drop off their wings, dancing with their mating companion and find a place to establish their colonies, the termite castles.

The queen lays thousands of eggs everyday, and eat on the wooden structures of your property. Those termites can cause serious damages to your property quickly, and in some cases be fatal to human being, therefore an effective Termite Control treatment is very important.

(A) Pre-Construction Termite Control

In some countries, like China, there is written in the construction ordinance that Termite Prevention treatments must be carried out during the construction period of any new building. The idea is to protect the building against termites invading into the building from soil below the foundation in future.

Treatment Method:
(1) To spray CEH long lasting termiticide, Permite onto the soil before covering by concrete floor slab. As it is developed, the CEH Permite binds firmly to the soil which then can prevent termites getting close to the building for over 10 years.
(2) Install the Australia-made Termite Proofing Mat on top of concrete floor sla, which will then prevent termites getting through and invade into the building.

Proper operation schedule plus experienced application of chemicals and tools, a termite shield of over 10 years will be formed, and no termites can enter the building.
Termite Proofing Mat's Installation
Foundation Covered with Termite Proofing Mat
Application of Termiticide at Small Site
Termite Treatment for Large Site

(B) Post-Construction Termite Prevention Treatment

To stop termites getting into the existing buildings through soils underground by drilling of floor slab and injecting of termiticide.

Treatment Method:
(1) Drill holes unto soil (about 18” – 36”depth in Hong Kong, depends on what kind of buildings) around the building (both inside & outside, if possible) at certain interval between 2 holes;
(2) Inject suitable quantity of CEH long lasting termiticide, Permite to each hole to form a continuous barrier underground along the walls.

Once the continuous barrier has been formed, no termites could enter the building along the cracks between the concrete floor slab and the vertical exterior walls. The effectiveness of this kind of termite prevention is about 5 years or longer.
Drill Floor Slab Outside
Drill the Slab Inside
Drill the Slab Along Support Wall
Inject Termiticide

(C) Wood Preservation Against Termites

To prevent termite eating on the woodworks of new buildings, like truss, batten, doorframe, skirting board, floor board, etc., we can soak and spray those woodworks with Termiticide.

Treatment Method:
(1) Soak the woodwork into pool of termiticide.
(2) Spray the woodwork directly

Proper treatment of the woodworks can protect the woodworks from termites’ infestation for 1 – 5 years when incorporate with other effective termites’ treatment of the building.
Soak the Wood
Spray on Roof Timbers
Spray on Truss
Spray on Doorframe

(D) Spot Treatment (Drilling & Injecting)

Termties not only attack town houses, but also high-rise buildings. When residents find termites inside their properties, they can choose either one of the follwing treatments, the Spot Treatment(Drilling & Injecting) or the (E) Exterra Termite Baiting SYstem.

Treatment Method:
(1) Inspect the treatment location thoroughly to find out all the infestation areas and sources of termites.
(2) According to the findings, drill and inject Termiticide to suitable areas to exterminate existing and prevent future termites infestations.

Proper operation will cease the termites infesation for 1 year and over.
Drilling Small Holes
Spraying the Truss
Spraying Window Sill
Injecting the Floor

(E) Exterra Termite Baiting System

Australia Exterra Baiting System is one of the most effective termite baiting system in the world nowaday. It is because of its extreme attractive property and once the termites eating on it, they will addict to it until the entire colony be perished.

Treatment Method:
(1) Inspect the treatment location thoroughly to find out all the infestation areas and sources of termites.
(2) According to the findings, install the Exterra bait stations to suitable areas to attract termites to feed on.
(3) Monitor the system with regular and irregular visits to inspect, add or replace of bait station for best feeding.

Termites colonies will be exterminated in 3 - 6 months, and CEH will provide free service warranty until year end of the service contract.
Drill Big Hole
Install In Ground Bait Station
Install Above Ground Bait Station Indoor
Install Above Ground Station Outdoor

(F)Other Termites Control Services

Termites not only attack buildings, but also trees and electric cables underground to cause serious damages, etc. CEH helps our customers with professional survey and most effective termite control service program.
Termite Treatment to Cables
Termite Treatment Garden Wood
Termite Treatment to Basement Soil
Termite Treatment to Tree