CEH has been servicing our customers since 1992. In the past 20 years, we have serviced our clients with our pest control expertise in major cities of China, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai. We have been invited to be a pest control consultant in Vietnam too.

We are member of National Pest Management Association of the USA, Chinese Pest Control Association, Hong Kong Pest Management Association and Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong.

In 2006, we were awarded with an over 200 million Hong Kong Dollars pest control contract by FEHD of the Hong Kong Government to carry out mosquitoes and rodents control services to the whole territory of Hong Kong.

In 2010, we have donated HK$100,000.- to Heifer International for supporting the “Sustainable Livelihood Improvement & Holistic Community Development Project” in Yunnan. We hope that some of our staff can pay a visit there to experience the happiness of giving. In 2009, we have appointed some of our management staff in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong to attend the FAOPMA Convention held in Beijing, China (Nov. 25-27, 2009). We also spent our spare time together and visited those scenic spots and historical sites in Beijing too.

CEH is expertise in Termite Control, Pest and Rodent Control, Air Disinfections and Carpet Dry Cleaning services. In order to catch up with clients’ ever rising standard of living, we have sourced and imported some advanced tools and operation systems to enhance our professional services, such as, the handy mosquitoes trapper, CMT-02; the Korea Automatic Fogger for natural disinfectant fumigation, the Tea Tree Oil from Australia; the Austria Carpet Cleaner™ dry carpet cleaning system and the Japan HGT Nano Silver-Titanium Photocatalyst for air disinfections and removal of VOCs.


Every year from Mar to Oct in Hong Kong is the active season of termite. Most of the Hong Kong citizen will recognize thousands of flying “ants” swarming in the sky before heavy rain. Those swarmers will drop off their wings, dancing with their mating companion and find a place to establish their colonies, the termite castles. Everyday, the queen lays thousands of eggs, which will grow up soon and eat on the wooden structure of your property. Those termites can cause serious damages to your property quickly, and in some cases be fatal to human being.

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