Sustainable Development

CEH responses to the Report of the World Commission on Environmental and Development : Our Common Future (1987) by formulating her own Environmental Protection Policy:

a) Guiding Principles: CEH recognizes that the Earth’s resources are limited. Unfortunately, during the speedy economic development of the world, people over-consume these limited resources and cause un-redeemable damage to the Earth.

CEH is dedicated to co-work with other environmental organizations and enterprises to apply all the possible environmental friendly measures in her operation so that she can work out the 3Rs(Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle) and avoid pollution and wastage to the utmost.

b) Implementation Policies: CEH asks all her departments to formulate their annual operation measures in accordance with the sustainable development principles. In addition, the top management group will grasp every opportunity to exert an imperceptible influence on the staff by introducing the importance of sustainable development to them, indoctrinating them with environmental knowledge, and educating them to work it out in their daily operations.

“Reduce damages and protect the Earth” is the golden rules for all the enterprises which emphasize on sustainable development. CEH, as one of them, is more than willing to take up her social responsibility and do all she can to protect our environment and prepare a better world for our future generations.