Love Our Neighbour

According to the vision of CEH, we hope that we can take up social responsibility and make contributions to our society. We always try to find opportunities for volunteer services so that our professionalism can help to improve the environment. We also hope that our donations can help to relieve the victims in natural disasters and to support the needy in the society. In the past years, we have participated in various district activities to enhance the public awareness to environmental health and hygiene. In the long run, we expect our crew will be influenced and do the good works all together too.

Since 2008, the Top Management Group got the approval of the shareholders to launch our CEH tithe program and low season community services program. We earnestly hope that we not only put our vision in words, but in actions too. We wish our crew not just started their career in CEH, but their life can be enriched by being motivated to broaden their horizons to show loving care to people surrounding us and realize the true essence of “to give is better than to take”.